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Paul Sutherland was for 20 years one of the foremost commercial trial lawyers in the UK, specializing in construction, engineering, professional negligence and insurance disputes.

Paul is now based in Kingston, Ontario and devotes his professional time exclusively to alternative dispute resolution. He is available for appointment as mediator, adjudicator or arbitrator in commercial, construction, engineering, professional negligence and insurance disputes in Toronto, Ottawa, Trenton, Kingston, Brockville and the rest of southern and eastern Ontario, as well as throughout Canada.

Having acted in some of the most complex and high profile trials in the UK and also worked for many years in the private sector, Paul is uniquely well placed to help parties find a resolution to their dispute which is in their very best commercial interests.

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About Paul Sutherland

Paul’s background as a specialist barrister in the UK and academic at London University, as well as in the military and private sector.

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What mediation is, 10 reasons why every litigant should consider it, and why they should consider appointing Paul as mediator.

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Arbitration and Adjudication

Paul’s expertise and availability to act as arbitrator or adjudicator in construction, engineering and commercial disputes.

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