Sutherland Dispute Resolution


For mediations, Paul Sutherland is happy to agree a fixed fee which reflects factors such as the number of parties involved, the complexity of the issues, the amount in dispute and the likely volume of pre-reading. The fixed fee will include pre-reading and preparation time, and pre-mediation calls with each Counsel (separately), which Paul regards as important in ensuring that the mediation session itself is as efficient and effective as possible. If the parties prefer, Paul is also happy to agree an hourly rate for mediations.

Mediation fees are generally shared equally by the parties. The parties usually arrange appropriate meeting rooms and refreshments as necessary, and separately from the appointment of the mediator, and share those costs equally as well.

Arbitration fees are usually agreed upon appointment, at an appropriate hourly rate (and sometimes a daily rate for hearings), reflecting similar factors to those referred to above in relation to mediations.

Mediations and arbitrations are now very often held virtually by video link, in which case no travel costs arise. If the parties prefer to hold mediations or arbitration hearings (or site visits) in person, Paul is happy to do so and to travel accordingly. Paul regularly travels to Toronto, Ottawa, Trenton, Brockville and Belleville for mediations and hearings, and is realistic and reasonable about associated travel costs.