Sutherland Dispute Resolution

Arbitration and Adjudication

Paul has significant experience in both arbitration and adjudications, as further summarized in about Paul Sutherland.

Paul’s analytical skills, thoroughness and attention to detail, coupled with his experience in dealing with highly technical and complex cases, enable him to adjudicate and arbitrate in a wide range of commercial cases including all aspects of construction, engineering, professional negligence and insurance disputes.

While acting as arbitrator or adjudicator, Paul recognizes throughout that the parties are entrusting to him not only the fair resolution of a dispute, on legally correct principles and by just process, but also the responsibility of undertaking that task in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Paul is particularly well placed to help parties interested in the increasingly popular adjudication process, which is due to be enshrined into Ontario law when Bill 142 (An Act to Amend the Construction Lien Act) is enacted by the legislature. The adjudication process originally grew in the UK in the 1990’s when Paul was commencing practice as a barrister. Paul therefore has some 20 years’ experience of acting in construction law adjudications, and has very considerable first hand experience of the demands and challenges of this fast track process, in a wide variety of construction projects, as well as of the potential traps, pitfalls and opportunities that the process presents, and how these can and should be dealt with.

Please contact Paul using the contact page to discuss the nature of your dispute and proposed terms of reference to arbitration or adjudication.