Sutherland Dispute Resolution


Paul Darling OBE QC, former Head of Keating Chambers, London UK, and President of the Technology and Construction Bar Association in the UK:
“In my view the outstanding Barrister of his generation.”

James Aldridge QC, Maitland Chambers, Lincoln’s Inn, London UK:
“A huge success and in massive demand in London. His outstanding problem-solving skills will be an enormous asset to parties using him in their efforts to resolve their disputes.”

Richard Moody, partner of Clyde & Co International Solicitors and Head of Global Construction Professional Indemnity:
“One of the outstanding advocates of his generation, and a leading light in construction and related professional liability litigation in the UK. As a barrister he combined unfailing charm and good humour with a fierce intellect, particularly on complex engineering claims where his mathematical background gave him a huge advantage. Always tactically astute and solutions driven.”    

Dudley Solan, Head of Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Maples and Calder Solicitors, Dublin, Ireland:
“In a complex multi party appellate case, Paul successfully navigated some of the most difficult professional relations I have ever encountered – he was able to handle and stand up to a number of extremely demanding clients and team members, remaining calm and courteous throughout.”

Karen Pollock, former partner of Reynolds Porter Chamberlain Solicitors, London UK:
“Very engaging and likeable, and extremely able. Gets straight to the heart of every case, and totally connects with the lawyers and clients. In one lengthy arbitration he faced numerous last minute applications and changes of direction, and was totally unflappable throughout.”

John Chesworth, Executive Chairman, Harrison Drury Solicitors, UK:
Consistently our firm’s first choice – always masters every detail, and fights tooth and nail. He once concluded a complex multi party mediation in which the positions of the various claimants (themselves having conflicting interests) were diametrically opposed to those of all 6 defendants, who were also claiming indemnities and contributions from each other. I was sure that this case would be impossible to settle. Through sheer determination and relentless hard work Paul managed to secure a sensible and practical settlement. The parties marked their relief and appreciation by celebrating long into the evening.”

John Curtis, lawyer, mediator and Olympian, Kingston Ontario:
“Paul’s ability to quickly and accurately grasp the central issues, even from clients who can barely stumble through their story, is quite astounding – and an essential skill of a mediator.  His friendliness and positive outlook are also great assets in difficult discussions. Paul is a great choice of mediator or arbitrator for your most troubling commercial disputes.”